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Costa Rica tourist attractions top destinations and things to do

What motivate people to visit destinations?. In the case of Costa Rica the tourist attractions, motivations generated by tourist flows to our country has been extended under development, the unique things to do enhancement of a wide range of attractions for its diversity and quality have enabled us to offer the international tourism market a set product (beaches, nature and the best adventure for tourist) able to please different tastes and tourist preferences.

Costa Rica tourist attractions mainly natural attractions Geographic location and climate Day trips to the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica is the Latin American paradise of ecotourism
It may be a small country in land mass, but Costa Rica but what motivate people to visit is its Costa Rica tourist attraction
Date published: 12/01/2016
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Many reasons to choose Costa Rica as a holiday destination

Costa Rica despite his little territorial extension (51.100km) is an extremely rich in their tour, mainly natural attractions that are notorious for their variety nation. His special conditions of geographic location and climate determine the best time to go to costa rica that the country offers a Costa rica amazing tours scenic beauty where natural ecosystems are mixed with agricultural, giving the landscape an extraordinary value.

His diversity and richness of our geography allows tourist to enjoy mountains, volcanoes, valleys, plains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, gulfs, bays, coral islands , etc. Furthermore, 27%. Costa Rican territory is protected by a wild area category national parks, biological reserves, forest reserves shelters, etc.) where much of our biodiversity, represented by about 200 species of mammals, 150 amphibians, 210 reptiles, about 1,000 species of butterflies, 850 of birds, orchids 1200, 2500 trees, is preserved etc. (Quesada, 1986.18) Immersed in the natural environment is the Costa Rican who with his way of being and captivates visitors hospitality. To visit this country you can choose a short Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days or a package like on month.

Costa Rica tourist attractions map

Destinations tourist attractions Map
Destinations tourist attractions Map

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List of 14 main Costa Rica tourist attraction

Costa Rica is the Latin American paradise of ecotourism and outdoor adventure.

Two hundred and ninety thousand kilometers of coastline, volcanic lakes, whitewater rivers, pre hispanic mysteries, shrouded in mist forests and territories that host half a million of the world's species. We cross Costa Rica in the Costa Rica Vacation tips from the Pacific to the Caribbean, between volcanoes, waves and turtles.

Arenal Volcano

Trips to the Arenal Volcano

A visit highly recommended and almost essential in day trips to the Arenal Volcano. Created in 1991, this famous park has an area of 12 hectares and is located in the northwest region of the country, between the foothills of the Cordillera de Tilarán and the Plains of San Carlos. This park is comprised of the Arenal Volcano, the Cerro Chato and Arenal lake.

Undoubtedly the main Costa Rica tourist attractions: This park is the impressive Arenal Volcano a great tourist attractions, with its cone shape and a height of 1,633 meters., Whose regular eruptions create a truly impressive natural spectacle visitors. Every year thousands of tourist flock to the park for observation of the volcano (eruption, lava flows, etc.) to meet the various tourist attractions in the area: Arenal Lake, La Fortuna Waterfall and River Tabacon spa.

img1map-area1 img1map-area2 List of places for your Costa Rica Itinerary
List of places for your Costa Rica Itinerary
main Costa Rica tourist attractions
main Costa Rica tourist attractions
Arenal Volcano a great tourist attractions
Arenal Volcano a great tourist attractions
sandy beaches and giant waves
sandy beaches and giant waves

Lake Arenal is the largest in Costa Rica. In it you can practice diverse as windsurfing, paddle boats and kayaks or simply fish lakeshore. Falls in La Fortuna is possible Costa rica horseback riding and visit the impressive waterfall of 70 meters. high, where we can make a refreshing dive in its waters. We can also take a dip in the hot springs of Tabacon River, well known for its healing waters. Other activities in the area include excursions on the tree canopy, rafting on the rapids of river and exploring the Venado Caves.

Lake Arenal is the largest in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, top attractions for surfers

With kilometers of white sandy beaches and giant waves: Costa Rica has become one of the favorite tourist attractions for surfers to practice this sport. After all, the country is considered the third most popular destination for surfing after Hawaii and Indonesia for its excellent beaches and waves, for its pleasant climate, warm waters, reasonable prices and friendly people.

The experts, on the west coast are some of the best waves in the world say. There are good surf for beginners and many waves to ride, including the second longest left in the world in Pavones.

Known as the paradise for surfers, Pavones is a small community located along the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The best time to visit and surf is during the rainy season, which lasts from April to November.

Costa Rica is one of the few countries where two great oceans meet only six hours away from each other. This makes it possible to surf in the Pacific at dawn and end the day taming the waves of the Atlantic to atardecer. Sin doubt the perfect paradise for surfers

Tortuguero park or the "Little Amazon"

Tortuguero park

Upon reaching the east coast, washed by the Caribbean, we are one of the most iconic national parks in Costa Rica: Tortuguero. Known as the 'Little Amazon' reserve is the main breeding ground for the green turtle and one of the wettest parts of the country. The nesting turtles on the beaches is the main reason why many visit Tortuguero. However in this national park also howler monkeys, frogs and green iguanas, crocodiles, majestic birds and impressive tarpon and manatees live. In addition, it inhabits its waters the fish gaspar which is considered the last living fossils because of their appearance.

The famous canals of Tortuguero were created in the 70 to connect a series of lakes and rivers, which river navigation between Limon and coastal towns. marshy lagoons, swamps and flooded forests are part of the range of diverse habitats that comprise this park.

If there is a place where the exuberant nature embraces the visitor is Tortuguero. But this place not only vegetation. Being in the Caribbean, it is one of the largest regions of Afro-Caribbean culture. Most of the population has Jamaican origin and maintains its traditions, making Tortuguero in a very interesting place to learn from the cultural point of view as ecotourism.

Thousands of adventures and adrenaline in Costa Rica

Thousands of adventures and adrenaline in Costa Rica

Speaking of Costa Rica travel package, the great natural park inside on the slopes of Arenal Volcano is also the realm of the zip line in Costa Rica. Monteverde Cloud Forest is the best place to practice.

On the other hand, white-water rafting is another essential things to do like adventures in Costa Rica Sarapiqui valley being a paradise for rowing and rafting with excellent eco-lodges. Ideal for waking up next to the local fauna.

In addition, Costa Rica is also the perfect place for diving enthusiasts. The Pacific coast was considered by the magazine Rodale's Scuba as one of the five top destinations for diving advanced for its underwater treasures. Most of these places belong to protected areas such as the famous Cocos Island National Park, also considered World Heritage and "the most beautiful island in the world" according to the famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

La Amistad National Park

La Amistad National Park

La Amistad International Park is the largest natural park in Costa Rica with about 200,000 hectares for tourist, the most remote and perhaps one of the least known. It was created jointly by the governments of Costa Rica and Panama in 1982, which explains the name La Amistad.

Its enormous cultural richness and extraordinary natural habitats managed the park was also designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.

Many endangered species like the jaguar live in the park La Amistad along with other species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. In fact, some of them live only in this great rain forest.

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