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best time to go to costa rica, How is the weather to travel on seasons?

Usually the best time to visit Costa Rica dry season from December to late April, known locally as the summer.It is not a completely dry , but simply less rain. Schools closed between December and February, increasing the number of people in coastal towns, especially on weekends. For the Easter period, the accommodations are usually booked months in advance.

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Can I visit Costa Rica on rainy season?

In May begins the rainy season, known as the winter. The Ministerio de turismo has devised a more attractive euphemism. The first months are ideal for go for Cheap Costa Rica all inclusive package, you can avoid the crowds of tourists and the housing is more affordable. At this is the best time to go to costa rica vacations, however, the rivers swell and unpaved roads become quagmires, making the travel package difficult journeys. Some remote roads are closed to public transport, so you should know before you go to Costa Rica. It is recommended to be patient and have an umbrella handy.

best time to go to costa rica vacations suggestions for go to Costa Rica find deals for surfers dry season from December to late April major flooding and enjoy larger and faster waves
Best time to go to costa rica vacations, At the dry season from December to late April, known locally as the summer.
Date published: 04/12/2016
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How is the peak season to go?

Due to the large number of American and European tourists, some Costa Rican towns have a small peak travel in June and July, during the summer holidays in these countries, so prices tend to be equated on package with those of the high season. But if you really want to make sure to Peak season days get Costa Rica tours packages it would be during the rainy season, and the rain shouldn't scare you, since is not a total spoiler for vacations.

Best time to go to costa rica to surf

For surfers the Best time to visit Costa Rica is slightly different. Usually the Pacific coast suffers major flooding and enjoy larger and faster waves during the rainy time, which begins in late June and has its wettest spot in the months of September and October. On the Caribbean coast, the best waves can be enjoyed from November to late May. In some areas, the waves are superb throughout the year.

Best time to go to Costa Rica

The wildlife enthusiasts(to travel)

Should take into account the life cycles of each species. On the Caribbean coast, the turtle season go to from late February to October; busiest times are April and May for leatherback, and August and September for green turtles. In the Pacific, leatherback runs from October to March.

Cycles of each species
Cycles of each species

The birdwatchers will enjoy this activity through all the year, although the best time to spot the resplendent quetzal is from November to April. Spring (March-May) and autumn (September to late November) are good times to see flocks of migratory birds.

When visit costa rica for fishing

You can go to fish throughout the year, but we must learn about the season before traveling, if it is intended to capture a particular species. Anglers often travel to the Caribbean coast between January and May in search of tarpon, while in autumn

Fishing Seasons Information
Fishing Seasons Information
(September to late November) is the bass season. In the Pacific coast and in the Golfo Dulce, the best time for fishing for sailfish is from November to May.

Whatever be the reason for your Costa Rica Itinerary you should be ready to go for a travel package in Costa Rica, since this is the best way to get the best prices and stay in your budget, instead of individual rates for all your activities.

Best time to go to costa rica caribbean side

Along the Caribbean coast Best time to go to according with the temperature is around 25 º C throughout the year. There is no real dry or wet season. The climate is influenced by the winds and weather conditions in the Atlantic Ocean. When it rains, it does so in the form of tropical downpours, with a total of over 3,000 mm on average. There is less rain in January, February and March and August to September there is a short dry period. The rainiest months are September to February, but usually the day begins radiant and the rain comes in the afternoon. The rainiest months on the Caribbean Coast are July and November.

img1map-area1 img1map-area2 Costa Rica general weather table
Costa Rica general weather table
Costa Rica Monteverde weather table
Costa Rica Monteverde weather table
Costa Rica North pacific weather table
Costa Rica North pacific weather table
Costa Rica south pacific weather table
Costa Rica south pacific weather table
Costa Rica Average weather
Weather per Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Annual
absolute maximum temperature (°C) 30 32 34 32 30 29 27 26 25 25 28 30 33
Temperature Average Low(°C) 26.0 26.8 27.9 28.4 27.6 27.0 26.9 25.0 25.9 25.5 27.2 25.9 26.7
Temperature Average (°C) 21.8 22.2 22.8 23.0 22.2 21.7 22.0 21.8 21.3 21.2 21.6 21.8 22
Temperature minimum Average (°C) 17.8 20.0 20.1 20.8 18.0 18.9 18.0 17.8 18.2 17.2 18.6 15.3 18.4
Temperature Average absolute (°C) 9 10 10 11 12 13 12 13 13 12 11 9 9
Total Rain(mm) 6.3 10.2 13.8 79.9 267.6 280.1 181.5 276.9 355.1 330.6 135.5 33.5 1971
Raining days(= 1 mm) 1 1 2 4 16 15 23 25 23 15 8 2 135
Sun hours 285.2 266.0 282.1 240.0 175.9 144.0 151.9 158.1 147.0 161.2 177.0 244.9 2433.3

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Also Consider the weather before go to Costa Rica

It may be small Costa Rica in size, but it is certainly big on weather system. There are all sorts of different climates that occur in different regions through the year. This means that choosing the best time to go to Costa Rica vacations really comes down to personal priorities, if what you want is to observe wildlife in the cloud forest or lazing on the sunny beaches, learn to surf

Wather system of Costa Rica
Wather system of Costa Rica
or a mixture of the three. Many specialists in Costa Rica who have much local knowledge and can certainly be helpful in deciding when to be planned a vacation to Costa Rica.

When is the best time to visit the Central Valley of Costa Rica?

Another good point to consider when you visit Costa Rica is the Center San Jose included is tantalizingly known as The Land of Eternal Spring. It is fresh, warm and almost impossibly green. The actual temperature and precipitation depend on its height above sea level. Between 600 and 1650 meters, which includes San Jose, Monteverde Cloud forest and Arenal Volcano, the average daytime temperature is about 25 º C hot. Again, visit the Central Valley of Costa Rica it can rain at any time, but that's part of the magic of Costa Rica. The highlands are much colder, so you'll need a computer and clothes warmer if you are heading to higher ground and the temperature is reduced to about 7 º C in the high peaks of the Chirripo and Irazu volcano.

When you can go to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica?

The dry season on the Pacific coast runs from December to April. There may still be afternoon showers during this period, but they sure are well received because really clean the air. There is also usually a sea breeze that keeps the atmosphere cooled during the break on the beach. From May to November, rain falls more often and during September and October things can be a bit stormy, but the waves are perfect for surfers during this time. The farther south go in the Pacific, more rain is likely to see.