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Sample Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days | what to do in one week?

The grand embodiment of complete and universal ,natural beauty and adventitious thirsty community. You will have to get a heavenly expedition with this amazing Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days. It is open for domestic and international tourists. Numerous fantastic events have been offered by this package in order to explore the interesting challenges and beauties. Costa Rica Itineraries of 7 days all inclusive, arrival airport and start visiting best places with itinerary all inclusive travel vacations, day tours and Costa rica amazing tours are perfectly related to this miraculous trip.

Costa Rica itinerary 7 days
Costa Rica itinerary 7 days
Discover the most beautiful nature of Costa Rica in this exciting itinerary of 7 days trip. The timing is tight, but this itinerary packs a lot into a weeklong vacation
Date published: 07/12/2016
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Sample costa rica itinerary 7 days
Sample costa rica itinerary 7 days
This Itinerary of 7 days can be started from San Jose is always with travelers and Costa Rica tourist attractions to make this beautiful package fruitful and successful. The ranges or striking events of this cultured and happy package must fulfill the requirements of travel dehydrated people from the whole world. This Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days/6 nights enjoyable trip is full of outstanding and delightful but very short time to visit all what you want, touch of various mind-blowing places. For the betterment of the travelers and tourists, all the information is given below informatively.

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First day

Welcome to San Jose to enjoy the national’s largest cultural, beautiful and uniqueness of the Central American true essence. From the very first day the domestics and international tourists can enjoy the major exclusively European culture by the touch of the Tourist attractions in San Jose Costa Rica

Buses, Train, Taxis and Airport services for the betterment of the tourists regarding trips: Various types of relax buses transportations are available in this gorgeous capital city San Jose and there are easy bus services between Juan Santamaría international airport and downtown San Jose. Inter-urban railway network would connect Tibás, Heredia, San Antonio de Belén, Pavas, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Sabanilla and Curridabat, among other important locations. San Jose taxi services harmonize the urban transportation networks for the betterment of the tourists.

First day in San Jose
First day in San Jose

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The city is serviced by Juan Santamaría international airport, 23 km west of downtown, in the city of Alajuela, which is one of the busiest airports in Central America.

List of what includes your City tour

  • 1. Teatro Nacional: From the very beginning the tourists can visit the national theatre called Teatro Nacional. It has outstanding artistic value.
  • 2. Gold pre-Columbian museum: Gold pre-Columbian museum has extreme historical value. It is full of ancient gold and coin. It is the symbol of pre-colonial deeds and activities
  • 3. Museo Nacional : Country's geological, colonial, archaeological, religious, modern and historical various artifacts are available in here.
  • 4. Costarican Art Museum: It is full of Costa Rican literature.
img1map-area1 img1map-area2 List of places for your Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days
List of places for your Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days
Recomended Accommodations for your short package 7 days
Recomended Accommodations for your short package 7 days
Rent a car is better to move quickly
Rent a car is better to move quickly
Get an all inclusive package 7 days
Get an all inclusive package 7 days

Days: 2, day 3 and day 4 in Arenal

The Arenal Volcano is an eye catching beauty that is included in day 2 of Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days package all inclusive.

Lodging in Arenal Arenal Paraiso Hotel: individual cabins in a resort with hot springs and pools overlooking the great volcano. In the morning you awoke to howler monkeys marking their territory, living up to its name and walking on our roofs. Alpha males are impressive. They have an enclosure with several crocodiles.

In the afternoon, a ride to the waterfall La Fortuna, always with the imposing presence of accompanying volcano, which ends with a swim at the foot of the big waterfall. The ride is very nice and ends with the downhill walk to the waterfall, but worse is the steep climb to return. During the ride you can see toucans with their colorful beaks. They seem whimsical colors taken from the palette of a painter.

Day 5

Monteverde through secondary rainforest which contains lots of habitat of monkeys, spiders, congas, some cariblancos and not leaving behind the toucans, turkeys, and the big quantity of different flora that's in the outskirts of the volcano. There is some emerald green hot springs, colored from copper deposits.

Lodging at Casa Monteverde: Lodging in Casa Monteverde Beautiful hotel with separate buildings and huge and beautifully decorated rooms. They have all kinds of accessories and a bus that takes you to reception or the various buildings of the complex, as the pool or restaurant. Good breakfast buffet.

Night walk through the jungle: not suitable for those with a phobia of insects. With a flashlight each, you go back to get into the jungle, this time in absolute darkness. We start from the Hotel El Sapo Dorado and start walking. Countless insects, frogs and toads, tarantulas, snakes and even a lazy were appearing in our way. You will love the colors of some poisonous snakes and ants scrum of transporting their leaves through all the way. We had to take a big leap to circumvent them.

Resorts all inclusive in Monteverde
Resorts all inclusive in Monteverde

Walkways and suspension bridges: With a Costa Rica Naturalist Tour Guide we move into the jungle, but from a different point of view. From the heights. Near the treetops, we were learning about the lush plants of the region, its wildlife and life in this green place throughout its range. You can see birds, including the famous quetzal. It was a very educational and the original walk as hanging bridges offer another vision.

Canopy: To say about this experience. Start with a small safety course and a small zip lines that are becoming increasingly long, high time to finish in an impressive lead of nearly 1 km in length at a height of 400 meters above the ground. The views are unique and is one of the longest canopys world. You end up with what they call Tarzan jump, which is neither more nor less a leap hook to a cable from the top of a platform, and the effect is starting to like Tarzan from jungle vines. If you have vertigo, choose another activity.

Day 6 and day 7

Tortuguero National Park is located in the north-eastern area of Costa Rica. This is one of the most internationally known parks, and for good reason. Besides being one of the most important nesting leatherback turtles and other locations, this ecosystem is as diverse as nature itself.

Video about Tortuguero National Park

Lodge at Pachira Lodge: Cabins built in the forest, the hotel is a bit old and has its shortcomings, especially the bathrooms are moldy and rusty. Here we have full board and buffets are correct. The pool is not bad. We are greeted with a delicious tropical fruit juice.

Costa Rica Itinerary Day 6 and day 7

After the morning walk you will have some wellies as it had rained, and you have to do a walk through the Cerro Tortuguero, again to meet with vegetation and animals, the tiny but dangerous for their poison frogs call attention with its gaudy colors, abound everywhere where you look, you have to be careful not to step on anything. Golden spiders, huge, yellow and black, are known for their spider web, one of the most resistant known.