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Cheap places to stay in costa rica, Unique lodging costa rica

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There are many differents Costa Rica cheap accommodation on all hotels nationwide. The rating system is not the same one used internationally. Some of the types of accommodations are: residential, commercial, resort, and others, such as; pensions, guest houses, hostels and "bed and breakfasts" (B & Bs). All accommodations are unique and their rates vary according to the administration, the services they provide, and whether they are in a city or in a remote location.

Cheap places to stay in costa rica Cheap Costa Rica transportationrates vary according to the administration places to stay in costa rica on the beach hostels in costa rica
Costa Rica has a wide cheap accommodation network of accommodation to suit all budgets and scattered throughout the country: luxury hotels, media, modest hotels
Date published: 07/12/2016
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If you plan to travel between the months of November and March, is best to make reservations in advance to get a cheap accommodation, as it is our high season.

Cheap places to stay in costa rica

If you want a fun places to stay in costa rica

The best Cheap places to stay in costa rica option is dip hostels or cabins rather than hotels. For you who have never been in this country say that the cabins are a type of common property in Costa Rica that are being a single room, suite and few more luxuries. I is not expect room service, hot tub ... and that sort of thing. However, despite its simplicity, it is easy to find charming cabins. The difference between the hostel - youth hostel and the cabin is usually the first to include common spaces, rooms with several beds ... and other elements that encourage interaction among members. The cabins usually have more privacy. The average price for both types of hospejade are often similar but in the hostel can usually find rooms with many beds which is always the cheapest option. Another option is to get a Costa Rica vacations all inclusive resorts

Best Hostels map of costa rica
Best Hostels map of costa rica

Unique Hostels in costa rica

Of course there is nothing cheaper ... it free, so of course I invite you to look for Cheap places to stay in costa rica in local houses. For me it is still best time to go to costa rica and there are some sites that facilitate this search as Couchsurfing. If it is true that in Costa Rica, despite traveling alone, I was not especially easy to find bed this way. And it is that beyond San Jose and other cities policies, Couchsurfing community is small, inactive and scattered. But this is not the only way that you open the doors and that sometimes honesty, friendliness and good attitude is the best key.

img1map-area1 img1map-area2 travel cheaply
travel cheaply
accommodation in local houses
accommodation in local houses
hostels or cabins rather than hotels
hostels or cabins rather than hotels
despite traveling alone
despite traveling alone

List of cheap hotels and Hostels

  Bellbird / Hotel  Monteverde, Puntarenas
Belmar / Hotel  Monteverde, Puntarenas
Buena Vista Hotel de Montaña Alajuela ruta al Poas
  Cabañas Pocosol
Cabañas Valle Campana Monteverde, Puntarenas
Cabinas Sol y Luna Monteverde, Puntarenas
Cabinas La Pradera Zarcero, Alfaro Ruiz, Alajuela
Cafetal Hotel Alajuela
Caño Negro / Cheap Hotel Los Chiles, Alajuela
Casa Turire / Hotel Turrialba, Cartago
Cataratas / Resort La Fortuna, San Carlos de Alajuela
Cerro Chato / Cheap Eco Lodge Arenal Volcano tours, Alajuela
Claro de Luna/ Hotel Monteverde, Puntarenas
Cloud Forest Lodge Monteverde, Puntarenas
Colinas Altavista Tarbaca
Curubanda Lodge Guanacaste
  De Lucia Hotel Monteverde, Puntarenas
  EcoVerde / Cheap Hotel Monteverde, Puntarenas
  Finca Valverde's / Hotel Monteverde, Puntarenas
  Geliwa/ Hotel Turrialba, Cartago
  Hacienda Guachipelin Liberia
  Jardines del Arenal / Hotel La Fortuna, San Carlos de Alajuela
  La Georgina Cerro de la Muerte, San Jose
Laguna del Lagarto (Hotel) San Carlos, Alajuela
Lavas Tacotal La Fortuna, San Carlos de Alajuela
Linda Vista Inn La Fortuna, San Carlos de Alajuela
Los Lagos / Hotel Jungla y Senderos La Fortuna, San Carlos de Alajuela
Los Pinos Cabinas Monteverde, Puntarenas
  Mirador de Quetzales / Cabañas Km. 70 carretera interamericana, S.J.
Montealto Reserva Natural y Lodge Hojancha, Guanacaste.

Places to stay in costa rica on the rainforest

Costa Rica offers a wide variety of cheap places to stay with restaurants ranging from typical Costa Rican style food(beans, rice, meat, chicken or fish, with a salad and a fruit juice) to many ethnic alternatives. Mainly, they are located in the capital with a lot of . However, the most visited tourist destinations and where there are foreign residents living abroad, tourists can find delicious "gourmet" surprises. Although most restaurants accept credit cards, outside of the cities it is more difficult to find this service, it is therefore advisable to carry enough cash to cover any culinary opportunities that may arise..

accommodation with restaurants ranging
accommodation with restaurants ranging

If you go to different parts of the country, including the sea, mountains or cities, you will find cheap accommodation, but remember Clothing for Costa Rica trip. In the capital, San Jose, it is a bit more elegant. It is good idea to wear a light jacket for the evening, as it tends to cool. This can also be used in mountainous areas, volcanoes or high altitude places, where it is usually cooler. For excursions to the countryside or forests and in wet regions, the best bet is a pair of thick, waterproof hiking shoes, clothes for wet weather and several changes of clothes, since nothing dries quickly. Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and even a flashlight, are essential items you will need. It's good to ascertain in advance what to wear in every place you go.