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The Best beaches costa rica, more popular beaches at Costa Rica

The advantage is that the distances between the capital San Jose and best beaches in Costa Rica, do not mean serious problem or require costly travel, which joins the amazing tourist reality that a person who drive to the rate of 80 kilometers per hour, it can perfectly well be consumed in the Atlantic Ocean at 8 in the morning, take a trip at 10, and be diving in the Pacific at 5 pm, still plenty of sun tanning a little more.

Uvita Beach destination
Uvita Beach destination

Here is my pick for the best beaches in Costa Rica, a country that will always stick in my mind (and heart) as one of my favorite places in the world. Yes, Costa Rica has amazing low-budget-friendly beaches, beautiful, untouched rain forests and countless exotic animals, but the reason I fell in love with it is because it was the very first country I ever traveled abroad to. Basically, the great Costa Rica beaches are directly responsible for the permanent nomadic lifestyle I have today.

Tamarindo and Jaco Beach destination
Tamarindo and Jaco Beach destination

The best beaches in Costa Rica are a wonderful mix of hippies, surfers, scuba divers, yogies and nature lovers, and if you happen to be all of these things, you're in heaven! All of Costa Rica's beaches would take a life time to discover, but thankfully you can easily find one perfectly suited to you, and be able to maintain a low budget in paradise! Visit one or visit them all, it doesn't matter since you can't really go wrong in what one of these Costa Rica beaches you choose!

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Best beaches costa rica
Best beaches costa rica

It should be noted, now that's beside the Pacific that Costa Rica has the largest number of beaches for foreign tourists, with hotels and infrastructure that in some cases, without being stuck exactly to the coast and elsewhere in the world, is it close enough so that you can travel in a few minutes, from a comfortable hotel, a large sunny beaches all year round, bordering mangroves and rivers of immeasurable beauty, some of which are true sanctuaries of tropical flora and fauna of the country .

Atlantic Ocean at 8 in the mornin Pacific Ocean at Costa Rica Shuttles to the beaches People surfing When travel for surfing

Manuel Antonio's Beaches, how to get there?

here are Costa Rica tourist attractions where you do not really know if the beach overlooking the forest or the jungle to the beach. This is the case of Manuel Antonio, on the Pacific waters near the port of Quepos, on the strip called South Pacific coast.

Here literally jungle off-hook on the sand of the beach and the tourist is Costa rica amazing tours to find, frolicking in the low bushes and sand, huge herds of Mono Titi, one of the most attractive animals from the family of the same, which yellow and orange glowing eyes, make it appetizing as a pet.

How to get to Manuel Antonio Beaches
How to get to Manuel Antonio Beaches

When reading any story about Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Espadilla and other neighboring places, certain that his magnetism is so strong, that could not escape it known authors for their scientific parsimony as Dr. Hans Webber and Dr is acquired . Christopher Menton, whose stories in some extreme fall into an almost transparent poetry, traveling only by those latitudes can one understand and understand his birth.

Cahuita part of Caribean beaches in Costa Rica

Cahuita, also has the distinction of being the most characteristic extension to the south of the coral reefs that extend along the Caribbean coast in Central America.

The funds reef in this part, for those who love diving, are ideal, transparent waters give field to a tight view of polyps, kelp forests and shoals incredibly colorful fish of all shapes and all known species in the Caribbean waters.

Cahuita beaches
Cahuita beaches

This same feeling of loneliness, powerful communication with nature, virginity and purity, acquires the traveler visiting Cahuita south of Limon, on the Caribbean coast.

The beaches of this portion of forest lands are reached through Costa rica private transportation departing from Puerto Limon, cruises often use the route of artificial canals, lakes, rivers and streams, which along 112 kilometers communicate internally to Limon ( the main port of Costa Rican Caribbean) with distant Barra del Colorado, in the northeastern part of the country.

Most famous beaches at North Pacific

Popular and best Costa Rica beaches
Popular and best Costa Rica beaches

North Pacific very popular beaches are:

  • El Coco
  • Culebra Bay
  • Playa Panama
  • Playa Hermosa
  • Conchal
  • Brasilito
  • Tamarindo beach
  • Junquillal
  • Nosara
  • Samara and Mal Pais Beaches.
  • Of all the Conchal is denoting the best and biggest difference in composition, because its outline, instead of being covered with fine sand, is covered with shells, mollusks and snails in an exorbitant amount.

    People having surfing class at the beach

    This is what indicates why a tourist in Costa Rica, if you take the direction of the coast for your vacation, never ever outgrow. The truth of sudden changes in beaches, is an easily comparable truth.

    It is good to speak also of what was the point to which you move, by long tradition, the largest number of foreign and domestic tourism and still retains its great attraction: Puntarenas.

    Former major Pacific port, is both the springboard from which you can achieve the most pleasing to remote beaches inside the vast Gulf of Nicoya excursions.

    Best Puntarenas beaches are dedicated entirely to tourism and fishing. Most coastal tourist infrastructure of the country is located in extent, geographically and from the air, looks like an extended finger deeper waters of the sea and the estuary that surrounds the north.

    Former major Pacific ports
    Former major Pacific ports
    From here, on trips by yacht, you can reach the beaches of
    • the Cedros lsland
    • Venado Beach
    • San Lucas Island
    • Chira
    • Tortuga and, in addition to those found in Ballena Bay, as Tambor.

    You can also take a ferry to cross in one hour of navigation, the middle of the Gulf, and enjoy

    • Playa Naranjo
    • Montezuma
    • Cabuya and others found in peninsular outside of the nicoyanas lands.

    In the central Pacific, they are affordable, comfortable and very popular,

    • Herradura
    • Punta Leona
    • Jaco
    • Playa Hermosa and Esterillos.

Cuajiniquil Beach a different and amazing destination

One of these incredible places is called Cuajiniquil, the bottom of the bay where the waves barely noticeable and the waters look more like the surface of a pond that open blue sea.

Cuajiniquil has the distinction of opening its long beach, white sand and gentle slope, on a sandy point behind which runs a river two streams are opened and there are several streams that give the appearance outline of an island.

Cuajiniquil a different Experience
Cuajiniquil a different Experience

Artisanal fishermen living in the area, specialize in supplying travelers with refined culinary tastes, with delicious sea food like octopus, fish cooked on the grill, cocktails delicious meat cambute snail and clam queen and mixtures based barnacles, oysters and pianguas.

In some other neighboring beaches Cuajiniquil such as Nancite and Naranjo, at the southern end of the National Park Santa Rosa, nature has mounted during the months of April, May, June, July and August, some amazing performances that reflect the indestructible periodicity the biological cycle in certain animal species.

Find out which are the best beaches in Costa Rica are as awarded by millions of real travelers, the 10 Best Beaches in Costa Rica, how to get to them, what to do there, and where to stay
Date published: 04/12/2016
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