We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

  • Precautions

Beaches and mountains, precautions

Costa Rica has many beaches, rivers and mountains. On the beaches, you should not swim alone in the sea and it is preferable to learn with a ranger or a villager on hazardous areas and at certain points there are strong currents. It is best not to leave valuables on the beach or in very isolated places, while going for a walk. Similar to the beaches, it is good to make sure if the rivers are strong, when it is the most dangerous season, and which are more likely to be dependent currents of the gates of the dam. Not all rivers are connected to a dam, but it is advisable to find out.

Since we are near Ecuador, the sun of the beach and the mountains is very strong. Do not forget sunscreen, a hat, goggles and maybe a blouse or shirt with long sleeves. Sometimes it is necessary to long pants not so much by the sun but by mosquitoes or plant Nettles, if you walk walking in the middle of a forest.

When visiting a protected area and want to take a hike, contact first before starting the tour, the ranger, the staff or where you are staying, where you are going; also ask what are the safest paths. It is important to remember that the country has a great diversity of flora and fauna must therefore follow the golden rule when visiting forested places "do not touch what is not known.