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Under the provisions of Customs, the traveler is allowed to enter Costa Rica with merchandise valued at $400 and personal property; These are for example: clothing, jewelry, personal medicines, cameras, sports equipment,computer, books, art tools, cell phone, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages (no more than 3 liters) cigarettes (no more than 500) and other objects that pertain to the Customs Regulations. Drugs are illegal, except for doctor prescribed medications.

Entry documents and vaccines

Get advice from the consulate in your country or in a travel agency on what documents are required. Some countries require a consular visa, others like the United States and Canada only require a valid passport. Once in the country you must always carry your passport, a  photocopy or other identification such as a valid driver’s license, with you. It is always better to consult your government travel website before making the trip to see if you need to obtain a visa to enter and if any vaccinations are required.

Taxes in the country and out

Sales tax at hotels, restaurants, industries and commerce in general is 13%. Additionally, hotels charge 3% to nonresidents. If you use the service you will be charged the restaurant sales tax plus a 10% service charge, so tipping is not necessary (however it is appreciated). Reserve $29 in cash to pay the departure tax per person. It's different if the departure is by sea or land. However it is preferable to research this online in case of any changes..


It is not customary to tip in restaurants, taxis, gas stations or any other service. In general, it is more usual to give it to bellhops loading suitcases in hotels and airports and guides at the end of the tour.