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In Costa Rica there are two distinct seasons: dry (marked by persistent trade winds) and rainy. The dry season begins in early December and runs until the end of April, while the rainy season begins in early May and goes through November. During the rainy season there is a time we call “Little Summer” that takes place in the last days of June and the first two weeks of July, when the weather becomes drier. During the rainy season the mornings are usually partly cloudy. The rain clouds continue building up to cumulate in the mid-afternoon rains (nap time). Before sunset the clouds disperse to give you wonderful sunsets!

 Costa Rica, located between two oceans, is a tropical country with a complex terrain. Altitude variations create many different microclimates. Throughout the year the temperatures are varied and can achieve different averages. Therefore, it is good idea to know what to wear in each particular location you are visiting. If you are visiting high altitudes you will need warmer clothes. A light raincoat will keep you comfortable in the rainier areas, and shorts and t-shirts are standard beach wear.