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Best Tortuga island catamaran cruise, Things to do in Jaco, Sailing trip

The best activities to do in the Nicoya gulf is Tortuga Island catamaran tour on the way will provide tropical fruits, fish ceviche, natural drinks while enjoying the blue sea and islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, live music and professional entertainment. The Isla Tortuga beach has the Blue Flag for over nine years ago.

Tortuga island catamaran cruise islands in the Gulf of Nicoya Things to do in jaco costa rica Jaco tours Adventure tours costa rica
Enjoy the tour Turtle Island in Catamaran. Located 12 nautical miles from Puntarenas, Tortuga Island (called by the indigenous Tolinga)
Date published: 06/21/2016
5 / 5 stars

A tour to paradise ... Cruise tour Tortuga Island

A tour to paradise in Catamaran
A tour to paradise in Catamaran
The Tortuga Island catamaran tour can offer you fish fillet and chicken both cooked meats grilled each with their respective sauces, gardener rice and sauteed vegetables and accompanied by a glass of wine. By the end dessert, initiative and our chef made a tasty coffee in our Costa Rican land. In producing this menu we think about their health and nutrition. Leaving Turtle Island can enjoy karaoke and a magical evening with a snack that includes drink and snack.

Video: Catamaran tortuga island day tours costa rica with snorkeling

This distinction is given to beaches in Costa Rica that have their unpolluted waters. Due to its geographical characteristic the waters surrounding Turtle Island are turquoise hue, which they are excellent for swimming. Turtle on the island will be served a delicious lunch.

Isla Tortuga beach one of the best in Costa Rica
Isla Tortuga beach one of the best in Costa Rica

Tortuga Island Catamaran Tour Best in Jaco Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

img1map-area1 img1map-area2 One Day Tortuga Island Cruise
One Day Tortuga Island Cruise
Catamaran Bay Island Cruises
Catamaran Bay Island Cruises
Tortuga Island with Calypso Tours Costa Rica
Tortuga Island with Calypso Tours Costa Rica
Enjoy a day in the sun on board
Enjoy a day in the sun on board

What you can have in a cruise?

Experience blue water and sailing in this island, white sand, green mountains, fine cuisine and attentive service from our staff. Calypso's super tortuga island catamaran cruise, tortuga island catamaran cruise, glides smoothly across the more than seven islands in the Gulf of Nicoya. Their destination is the charming Turtle Island saturated palm trees, where you can walk in the clean white sand, swim in the turquoise waters and investigate the marine life while the crew prepares a delicious feast (featured in Gourmet Magazine).

What you get in a catamaran
What you get in a catamaran

Enjoy your lunch in the shade of white umbrellas at tables covered with long white tablecloths.

No matter if you're 2 or 92 years old visit Costa Rica is complete without the internationally famous tour of Calypso to Tortuga Island. The day begins at your hotel where you will be greeted by a bilingual guide and located in an air conditioned bus. The bus ride will take you to the port of Puntarenas, making a stop for a typical Costa Rican breakfast.

This is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the coffee plantations, sugar, volcanic mountains and Brahman cattle that form an ever-changing panorama.

Tortuga Island Cruise food
Tortuga Island Cruise food

Video: Enjoying a tortuga island catamaran day

Tortuga Island Cruise. Location: Tortuga Island. Enjoy a day in the sun on board with a variety of food

Upon arrival in Puntarenas you will board Calypso's super catamaran, designed from suggestions from passengers. Among the main features of tortuga island catamaran cruise showers and full bar where you can enjoy, among other things delicious Pineapples coladas made with fresh pineapple. The spacious main salon combines with a cover that includes two indoor pools offering a level of cruising luxury and comfort in 100% Calypso style.

Checklist of Tortuga Island Catamaran cruise companies

You can find a lot of good companies that make a really good tour of Catamaran at Tortuga Island but here are some of the main of them

  • Princesa Catamaran Cruises

    A comfortable Mercedes Benz bus with air conditioning, reclining seats, bathroom, television and VCR leaves our front door every day of the year to wisk you off to the Pacific coast. A professional bilingual guide accompanies you throughout the trip. On the way you stop for a typical Costa Rican breakfast, including gallo pinto (rice and beans with herbs and spices), eggs, bread or tortillas, fruits, and coffee, tea, or natural juice.

    Princesa Catamaran Cruises
    Princesa Catamaran Cruises

    In the Port Village of Puntarenas you board the 200 passenger Princesa tortuga island catamaran cruise, a brand new streamlined three deck sailing vessel complying with all modern safety regulations. While cruising, the staff come around offering complimentary tropical fruits, natural fruit drinks, fresh fish ceviche and other snacks. Enjoy the sounds, even sway and dance to the live calypso music.

  • Calypso Cruises

    Calypso Catamaran Cruises
    Calypso Catamaran Cruises
    What makes Calypso so special is that beside riding on the world class yacht catamaran tortuga island catamaran cruise, spending a wonderful day at the beautiful white sand beach of Tortuga Island and enjoying a 4 course gourmet meal served in ‘Casual Elegance’ that was featured in Gourmet Magazine; our passengers also get to enjoy a cruising experience UNIQUE TO CALYPSO CRUISES. Returning to port in the afternoon, Calypso’s Captain will escort his passengers on a tour of exploration of the islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, important to not only foreign travelers to see and learn more of Costa Rica’s history but also for national tourism and those who want to see up close, maybe for the first time, the beautiful and protected uninhabited islands in the Gulf of Nicoya accessible only by water. This makes Calypso unique, combining the Tortuga Island Cruise with a Tour of Discovery.

Average of prices for Catamaran at Tortuga Island

Group more then 6
Pick $150 $180 $80 per person
High $95 $140 $70 per person
Low $80 $90 $50Per person

Variety of tours in Tortuga island Catamaran cruise

Catamaran cruise is the great embodiment of enjoyable and comfortable trip on boats and ships including snorkeling, swimming, fishing, padding, dancing, singing in the boats, mind-blowing whales and dolphins watching, refreshing with healthy air and volleyball playing. It is really pleasant travel on ships or boats to a number of places as vacation. Costa Rica Itinerary is all in all where you can all types of facilities to travel in ecstatically. Amazing crews will arrange plenty of space boat where you can just choose to relax on the crown deck feeling the fresh and purified winds with a topical Ron punch enjoying the natural loveliness of Catamaran very intensively and happily. It is sure that you will have to immersion into beauty of Catamaran Isla Tortuga Cruise.

tours in Tortuga island Catamaran cruise
tours in Tortuga island Catamaran cruise

Special occasions to Celebrate

birth day celebration Catamaran cruise
birth day celebration Catamaran cruise
You can arrange any theme party at Tortuga island catamaran cruise like birth day celebration, marriage anniversary, topical feast, pirates’ party, saints’ Patrick party, Valentine’s Day celebration and any fun party. An unforgettable moment will be happened when you made travel at Catamaran. You can get local foods and snacks on the boats that are very testy and delicious. Moreover, the sunset cruise is an astonishing traveling experience as the incredible and eye-catching colors will inspire you to forget all your anxieties and worries and relax while you enjoying the magnificent sun setting scenery. Big and beautiful whales and dolphins will make you charm unbelievably. The big blue dolphins will welcome you to Catamaran that will be really outstanding memory in your whole life. This unimaginable moment can be true if you visit at Catamaran.

Explore all the beauty of Tortuga Island

Basically, the coast Tortuga Island can be explored by boat trip in which your mind will be filled with unbelievable natural beauty. Dazzling sand beaches will have to make you unimaginable and passionate for that moment and at the same time the expert crews of Costa Rica Itinerary will serve various beverages. You will be fascinated with beautiful featured beaches at Catamaran. Even, you will get snorkeling equipments for snorkeling tours. In the meantime you can explore the striking reef with multicolored Costa Rican fishes. Moreover, you can be relaxed on the ships or boats and enjoy a troll on the beach. Children and adults are most welcome at Catamaran for enjoying paddle boards and beach games intensively. You will not be enjoyed with natural beauty but will be served delicious lunch during Snorkeling and sunset tour at white sand beaches. You can enjoy various barbecue menu including grilled fish, chicken, salads, dips, fruits and fresh water.

beauty of Tortuga Island
beauty of Tortuga Island

Therefore, so many facilities will have to be offered for your betterment and total security. Basically, trampolines for sunning and lounging shaded main salon, fresh and clean shower, fresh and comfortable restroom, well maintained snorkel gear, kayakas and stairway to the sea, relax and spacious boats, open boat layout will make you original natural lover. So, get ready to explore the dreamland Catamaran with a view to tasting the pure essence of natural beauty in your artistic life.

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