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  • We design up your itinerary to be serene, dynamic, or a mixture depending of your choice, so check all boxes that apply even if they seem contradictory.
  • How do you want to remember when you get back home? choose your preferences to feel you take advantage of your trip
  • We live in Costa Rica, so we know all the country very well to find the best options for you and choose what fits to your itinerary
  • We all speak English and Spanish, and work for you full time to give you the best service.
  • We'll be contacting you permanently to serve you and answer any doubt you have, throughout your trip to insure you have a great vacation.
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  •    **(Explore the Capital City -San Jose)
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Zones of Costa Rica
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  • At the activities, our guides will explain you all the stuff at each stay, to make sure that you will enjoy and maximize your experience.
  • Some sports that used to be hard have become far easier due to the latest equipment.
  • We know which things your family find most thrilling, and remember most, and can tune your plans accordingly if you want. We can even arrange a special party
  • Please leave us notes at comments area
  • How many places you want to visit?
  • In this option, define how many days you will be staying in each place. Take into consideration your entire days of stay in Costa Rica and the transportation from one place to another. Note: Transportation will increment the cost of your itinerary
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Tours or leisure days
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  • Whether you're loafing and giggling, or discovering adventures, its a great time to strengthen bonds, we consider this but without exaggerating the physical activity .
  • Children are welcome, and find delight, in our adventures, without missing TV and the Internet. We make sure it's all safe, and that they're learning.
  • Costa Rica has some extraordinary places where areas have pristine beaches. Bask in the sun and breeze, where you can spend a leisure day and then observe an extraordinary sunset.
  • Tours options
  • **A day with no tour - Self time
    (Relaxation by the beach, Yoga, etc.)
    **One tour in each location - Avoid the rush and control what you want to do in a certain place
    **One tour each day - Take into consideration, transfer from one place to another can take few hours and can be exhausting unless you choose to transfer by air.
    -Please explain in comment if other preference
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Physical activities
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  • If you have high energy or are very athletic, we can include lots of adventures but be sure to have us plan for some vacation rest too!
  • Get the amazing experience of being above the forest floor. Our travelers get fascinated with zip-line experience.
  • What about volcanoes? Poas, Irazu, Rincon de la Vieja just to mention some volcanoes. Guides take you as close as you can get with all the security you we'll need and make you feel comfortable.
  • We provide excellent quality equipment you'll enjoy using.
  • Intensive of activities
  • **Mild -activities are: a walk to the hanging bridges, rainforest/nature tours, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding etc.
    **Moderate - activities are: water rafting class 1 and 2, snorkeling, kayaking, zip lining etc
    **Extreme - activities are: water rafting class 3 and up
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Costa Rica species
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  • Just let us know that you are interested in see dozens of species of wildlife.
  • The best naturalist guides in the world are what make our wildlife observations extraordinary.
  • Many of our naturalist guides do bird calls that birds respond to, and guides all point out things you wouldn't notice, and take you where the sightings are.
  • You'll see wildlife in action, and occasionally breeding.
  • I would like to see:
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Costa Rica Lodging
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  • The peace and happiness of others at the lodges add to your sense of being in a good world with your friends or family.
  • If you travel with children, some lodgings provide separate guided activities for children, and child care.Tell your Planner if that's important to you.
  • Check what matters most to you, and we'll find as much of it as we can among the over 50 properties we consider excellent.
  • Please leave us notes about your lodging preferences at comments area
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Land, Air or Water?
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  • We have the option of share the transportation or travel with groups however you have to consider that itineraries are scheduled and if for an specific date, if you prefer this option just let us know, to get a lower cost, you will meet a lot of people too.
  • Private transfers always will be the best option to enjoy more the trip, stop always you want to observe the views and ask the guide all you need
  • Rent a car, to make it in your own and having all the control, we can the we can find the best option for you. Just one suggestion about this option, driving in Costa Rica is very different than driver in your country, specially because streets are not very good marked and there are many curves.
  • Please leave us notes about your transportation preferences at comments area
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Apr 09, 2024:"Experienced and knowledgeable" We felt in good hands, seen animals we would have otherwise never spotted, learned a lot from the knowledgeable guide Carlos!
Mar 30, 2024:"Poas volcano and la Pas waterfalls" Amazing experience! We were running ahead of schedule, so he stopped at a couple extra spots to fill in the time. Very informative of the places we went to and would explain anything of importance on our route to the volcano and the waterfalls...
Mar 25, 2024:"Awesome trip!" We took a day tour because after this we went to bocas. We hesitated if it was worth the trouble. Because you can't see the turtles they only come at night. But it was awesome. The guide told us a lot of things about Ticos...
Mar 13, 2024:"Costa Rica itenarary tours" What an amazing experience! Looking forward to booking again. Highly recommended for anyone looking to receive that personal Costa Rican experience.
Mar 15, 2024:"Great tour, great guide" Myself and my partner thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Poas Volcano and the La Paz Waterfalls (we opted out of the Starbucks coffee farm because, well, Starbucks; plus we'd planned a plantation tour on another day). Our tour guide Alex was extremely helpful, knowledgeable...
Apr 06, 2024:A perfect day with spectacular sights and an authentic Costa Rican lunch This day trip was perfect. Everything we hoped for and more. We were lucky enough to get to the Poas volcano around 10 AM with the sun still shining so perfect viewing... Plenty of locations where Hobiton would fit in perfectly :-)
Apr 01, 2024:A wonderful experience It's worth every penny for a safe and worry-free experience! The guides are friendly and very helpful. We learned a lot and it was nice to go at our own pace. They have thought a lot about the customer experience and it shows. Very punctual and the Poas volcano was spectacular and the coffee tour was very educational and the spectacular waterfall.