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Arenal Volcano Tour Ecotermales Springs

At Costa Rica´s EcoTermales Hot springs, we know that there is no better way to unwind after a long day than visiting the hot springs and treating your body to its naturally replenishing effects. Our family owned and operated natural hot springs are heated right from the heart of the Arenal volcano. This exclusive hidden gem combines the health and wellness benefits of the soothing hot springs with the incredible peace and relaxation of the surrounding rainforests of the La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano area, to provide a private, relaxing oasis during your vacation. A must do on any Costa Rican vacation tips itinerary.  We guarantee your visit to our corner of paradise will be unforgettable from the moment you arrive. Each of our guests will experience the pleasure and relaxation of submerging themselves into the energy which naturally springs up on our property, amidst the stunning primary rainforest. The natural volcanic hot springs have created 5 elegant and romantic pools with temperatures ranging from 99° to 106° F (37° to 41° C) in addition to one fresh water waterfall and pool; all forming part of our exotic natural therapeutic spa.  
In addition we offer 100's of yards of paved and lit trails through the rainforest, which are great for romantic walks with that special someone, nature green observation, and some incredible photo opportunities. You can also enjoy incredibly fresh cocktails, juices, and other beverages in our poolside bar, tour includes lunch or dinner in our authentic, home-style Costa Rican restaurant to have the chance to savor our chef´s version of the typical dish of the Arenal, Costa Rica area, upscaled with some incredible meats. Dessert and coffee are also included. Or sit in our luxurious lounge aside the peaceful natural pond with beautiful aquatic plants, and home to frogs and caiman, while sipping your favorite cocktail.  EcoTermales Hot Springs is the only hot spring property in La Fortunathe water naturally springs up right on site. For your complete health and wellness, we maintain high standards of maintenance and cleanliness. We completely drain and scrub each pool daily, and let nature green fill it back up again just in time to go for our 10 am opening. Our facilities also include spacious and elegant restrooms and changing rooms, lockers, and a towel rental service.
Treat yourself to this wellness paradise immersed in the primary rainforest - one of the most beautiful and exclusive properties in the La Fortuna / Arenal area, and rejuvenate your body and soul.

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Arenal Volcano Tour
Arenal Volcano Tour
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Tour Ecotermales Springs

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